You have recently learned that you have contracted HIV, or you are looking for an HIV specialist. We are a team with many years of experience in the treatment of HIV infection. You are welcome to make a non-binding “get-to-know-you” appointment with us, so that you can see whether the services on offer and the atmosphere are to your liking.

How does HIV therapy work?

HIV multiplies in the body by invading and taking command of certain cells. The infected cells then produce HI viruses. The drugs prevent this multiplication.

HIV therapy involves the simultaneous use of several drugs that target different points (= combination therapy). This ensures that HIV cannot multiply any further. These different medications can be taken in the form of a single tablet in most cases, once a day.

If you take the medication as prescribed, within a short period of time, the HIV virus will no longer be detectable in the blood in a short time – but this does not mean that you are cured. If drugs were stopped, the viruses would quickly become detectable again.

When should I start HIV therapy?

Today we know that an early start of therapy has a positive effect. However, it is important that you are ready for therapy. We support and accompany you in this process.

What are the possible side effects of the medication?

Like all medications, HIV medications can have side effects. Compared to previous generations of HIV therapy, however, the number and severity of potential side effects is significantly lower with the current generation. We take the time to discuss these with you and choose a form of therapy that is feasible and well tolerated by you. We take into account pre-existing conditions, possible interactions, frequency of use, your previous experience and much more.

How does the treatment at the checkin Zollhaus work with HIV therapy?

In case of initial treatment, we will give you a follow-up appointment after about 14 days, when we will discuss with you the tolerance of the treatment and conduct a blood check. Another progress appointment is usually 4 weeks later. Usually check-ups take place every three months; if you are already very experienced in therapy and no vaccinations are pending, the intervals can later be extended to 6 months. If you are participating in the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, we will then also conduct the cohort visit each time.