At checkin Zollhaus, vaccinations are especially close to our hearts. All listed vaccination indications correspond to the recommendations in the Swiss Vaccination Plan 2019 and are covered by health insurance.

Please bring your vaccination card. Should you not have found it after (thorough!) search: all the more important that you come!
Vaccinations that are particularly important for sexual (risk) contacts:

HPV vaccination for all until the age of 26.

Vaccination with Gardasil 9® protects against the nine human papillomaviruses (HPV) that most commonly cause genital warts and cancers. HPV vaccination has the most benefit when given before the first sexual contacts (including petting). Unfortunately, this important vaccination is underused in Switzerland! At checkin Zollhaus we will vaccinate you even if you are younger than 16, but we will ask for your parents’ permission. Unfortunately, we can only vaccinate people from the canton of Zurich. You are not from the canton of Zurich? We will give you information on where you can get vaccinated.

Hepatitis B vaccination

In Switzerland, older adults in particular are underprotected against hepatitis B, but there are also vaccination gaps among younger people. Vaccination protection is especially important for men who have sex with men and for people with sex partners from Africa and Asia (as HBV infections are more common among them, often acquired at birth/ in childhood).

In 5-10%, no lifelong antibody protection develops despite vaccination. Therefore, at checkin Helvetiaplatz we usually check 4 weeks after your last vaccination to see if you can assume lifelong protection.

Hepatitis A vaccination

HAV vaccination is important for men who have sex with men because they are at increased risk for hepatitis A.

Unlike hepatitis B, vaccine failure is virtually never seen with hepatitis A after complete vaccination, and antibody determination is unnecessary.

Meningitis due to meningococci

Meningococcal meningitis is rare, but somewhat more common in adolescents (if you were not vaccinated at age 11-15: Repeat vaccination until your 20th birthday). They are also slightly more common in men who have sex with men, especially when participating in parties with close contact.

Generally recommended vaccinations

With these vaccinations, there is no particular risk with frequent partner changes – they are especially important for (young) adults for other reasons.

Vaccination against tetanus/diphtheria/pertussis (whooping cough), if necessary also polio (polio)

Most adults are protected against tetanus and diphtheria. But what about your protection against whooping cough? This is especially important for (possible) contact with newborns/planned parenthood. For certain destinations, the polio vaccination could then also be refreshed – we advise you accordingly.

TBE vaccination = early summer meningoencephalitis

TBE is transmitted by ticks. Meanwhile, the whole of Switzerland is considered an endemic area, with the exception of the cantons of Geneva and Ticino; TBE cases are increasing. Vaccination is especially recommended for more frequent outdoor activities, including jogging, gardening and dog walking.

Measles vaccination

You’ve probably heard: In the first months of 2019, there has been an increase in measles cases in Switzerland; almost exclusively people without vaccination protection were affected. Measles could be eradicated if everyone was concerned about vaccination! Those born before 1964 usually have had the measles. For everyone else, get vaccinated twice against measles. We are happy to look at your vaccination record at any time. Since this is a live vaccination, we will clarify any contraindications to the vaccination with you.