Black Box on HIV/AIDS: a video project with people affected and professionals (short interviews).

Positive Women Switzerland: Is for women living with HIV and contains helpful texts and information on (group) meetings.

Dr.Gay: Answers questions on safer sex, homosexuality, coming out, gay identity, relationships, HIV/Aids and other STI..

News on HIV/Aids: Website of AIDS-Hilfe Schweiz, including information on legal, medical concerns and questions on coping with everyday life.

Forum on HIV and AIDS: Regularly updated brief overview of all HIV medicines approved in Switzerland (under “HIV medicines brief overview”).

Positivrat: News on HIV/Aids and related topics

Queer Plus: For men who have sex with men. Counseling for HIV-positive men by HIV-positive men.

EKSI: Federal Commission for Questions on Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexual Health Switzerland: Information on contraception, pregnancy, partnership, sexual rights …

PrEP information page: Interesting facts about pre-exposure prophylaxis

Zurich Aids Parish Office: Various services offered by the Swiss AIDS Pastoral Office

Liebesexundsoweiter: Specialist centre for sex education in Winterthur

Municipal Health Services: Medical care for people without health insurance in the city of Zurich


Positively Pregnant (Germany): Film about HIV and pregnancy

Deutschland, klärt auf (Germany): “Text doch, das geht” (with HIV)

HIV/Aids and Hepatitis: Good to know! Information on HIV/Aids, hepatitis and other STI