PrEP counseling is covered by health insurance. With a high annual deductible however, this is of little use to you, so here is a cost overview:

  • Consultation according to FOPH guidelines; by specialist FMH infectious diseases with many years of experience
    • Initial consultation 30–40 minutes, shorter with good advance information; 30 min. = CHF 90 (Tarmed)
    • significantly shorter during the course of treatment
  • Before starting PrEP, we require a safe, up-to-date HIV test and a kidney value (creatinine and blood sample); total: CHF 50.
  • HIV testing is recommended quarterly; kidney value depending on age/kidney situation.
  • Additional tests will be discussed with you; they depend on your sexual risks (chlamydia, gonococcus, syphilis according to the number of changing sex partners; hepatitis C in case of (i.v.) chemsex).
  • We go through your hepatitis A and B vaccination protection with you.
  • The PrEP drug costs CHF 50.- for 30 tablets (generic drug from Mepha approved in Switzerland).

If you have previous PrEP experience (e.g. from abroad), the consultation time is shortened accordingly. Feel free to bring previous treatment data along with you!

From 1 July 2024, PrEP will be covered by compulsory health insurance.