If you have not yet been vaccinated against HPV: the HPV vaccination (Gardasil-9) is free. We can vaccinate you if you live in the canton of Zurich. Vaccination protects against the new HPV subtypes most commonly responsible for genital warts and cancer of the cervix, anus, penis, and throat. It’s worth it, even if you’ve already had sex.

For women, vaccination is very important (cervical cancer). Heterosexual men help protect unvaccinated partners. And in the MSM community, every single vaccinated person counts: they help to build up a “herd protection” (this vaccination has not been available for men for long) and to prevent the genital warts that are particularly common in the community.

You can come by for vaccination without an appointment!

Observations at checkin Zollhaus customs house: in our estimation, HPV vaccination has been used much less since Covid. Please help ensure that we don’t see a “covid kink” in what should be preventable HPV outcomes in a few years.